Chocolate Tasting for Beginners
A friendly and knowledgeable Rococo Chocolates Team Member will be your guide on this chocolate journey. The experience will begin with an introduction to the tasting technique, as well as some fun facts about chocolate history and production. Next on your adventure through chocolate you will taste a variety of high-end chocolate including single origin bars and Rococo’s award winning truffles. By the end of this journey, you’re one step closer to becoming a chocolate expert.

Discover Chocolate, a Tasting for the Senses
Restrain your sense of sight and enhance your other senses. Hear the snap of the chocolate, smell the exquisite aroma, feel the texture of chocolate melting in your mouth and taste the wonderful flavours from a variety of bars and Rococo’s award winning truffles. Before your journey of the senses we’ll give you a brief history about the origins of chocolate. Your exotic chocolate journey will conclude with unique pairings of savoury and sweet. This experience will revolutionize the way you SEE chocolate.

Bespoke Chocolate Pairings
Have you ever wondered how to combine chocolate and cheese in perfect harmony? Are you looking for the perfect chocolate to go with your favourite single malt? How about a chocolate to pair with your morning coffee? Our chocolate experts are able to customize a pairing to your specifications.

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