When fashion met chocolate – Jigsaw and Rococo Chocolates Collaboration

You’d think Chantal’s formative years – Camberwell and Harrods’ chocolate counter (“My first customer was Michael Caine,” she remembers, “who always bought his mum the biggest box of Milk Tray”) – would have shaped the world she has created at Rococo. But it was, in fact, their lack of magic that led Chantal to create the very opposite. Her tutors at Camberwell didn’t respond well to her use of photography (they wanted hand-drawn illustrations). Her former boss at Harrods refused to give a customer a branded bag because he’d only bought a Mars bar – the cheapest product in the shop. “I was puzzled by the attitude,” Chantal says now. “Why not engage with the fun and magic of chocolate?”

Source: When fashion met chocolate – Jigsaw Blog

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