“The Grenada Chocolate Family” Wins Best in the World Prize

Chantal says:

We are “selling” copies of this book at all our shops. Our former shop manager Sara Scodeller illustrated it and Rococo is featured in it. We’re giving 100% of the proceeds to the non-profit Grenada Community Library for every copy sold.

What started as a charity fundraiser for the community library in Grenada unexpectedly gained several awards in Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2017.

We can be very proud of Sara’s input and the work that the community library are doing.

On May 27th the Grenada Community Library’s first publication, The Grenada Chocolate Family, was awarded BEST IN THE WORLD in the Charity and Fundraising category at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Yantai, China. Additionally, on May 28th, The Grenada Chocolate Family also won “Best in the World” (3rd place) in two more categories – Caribbean Cookbook World Cuisine, and Chocolate (tied with Paul A. Young’s UK publication, Sensational Chocolate). The Grenada Chocolate Family is the only book among the 97 finalists that won in three separate categories.

On top of these great honors, the Grenada Community Library was selected as the fundraising cause of the Awards by Gourmand and Altos Tequila of Mexico, who raised 4,200.00 Yuan (US$600) at their bar on the final afternoon; this was announced this at the end of the Awards ceremony.The Grenada Community Library with Edouard Cointreau, who was very supportive of the publication.

Representing Grenada amongst 211 competing countries (the Olympics have 205 countries), the book had already won four Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for the Caribbean and Grenada: Best Caribbean Cuisine Book, Best Children’s Food Book, Best Chocolate Book and Charity & Fund Raising, and had been nominated in an unprecedented four categories in Gourmand’s “Best in the World” Awards.The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards is considered the “Oscars” of cookbook awards, inspired by the spirit of the Olympic Games. Its President, Mr. Edouard Cointreau, personally invited the Grenada Community Library to enter The Grenada Chocolate Family into the international cookbook competition, calling the book “very special,” and his passion for libraries and diverse publications and goodwill seems to champion this book and cause.

The Grenada Chocolate Family, produced in collaboration with the Grenada Chocolate Fest, is edited by the library’s co-founder Oonya Kempadoo and Richardo Keens-Douglas and illustrated by Sara Scoddler in consultation with Grenadian artist, Stacey Byer.The Grenada Chocolate Family, a children’s colouring story book, was written in the Grenada Community Library’s creative writing program, in a group-writing workshop with over 15 children, ages (6-12), facilitated by Oonya Kempadoo, developing a narrative using discussions on the process of chocolate making, local knowledge and uses of cocoa – in collaboration with the Grenada Chocolate Festival. It is the first children’s book written by children of colour in a cocoa-growing country about chocolate making, and shows how children’s contributions to literature and educational material matters and how their voices can influence an industry and increase fair trade.Putting Grenada on the map.

The non-profit Grenada Community Library serves a community that is economically challenged by very high levels of unemployment, youth poverty and disenfranchisement, and low levels of functional literacy. All of the Library’s services, which along with the creative writing program include a children’s and general collection, adult literacy classes, numeracy and creativity programs, remain free of charge. It opened its doors in 2013 through the efforts of acclaimed Caribbean and internationally-published author Oonya Kempadoo, a faith-based organization, Mt. Zion Full Gospel Revival, and a social-action collective Groundation Grenada, all of whom recognized the urgent need for a public library with the sentiment “Can you imagine a nation without a public library?” The Grenada National Public Library was closed in 2011, since it was damaged by a catastrophic hurricane.

The Library keeps its doors open through the support of the Grenadian community, both local and in the diaspora, combined with international supporters, through generous financial and book donations and the dedication of its volunteers. The Library is grateful to corporate and non-profit Partners for Literacy, Friends of the Library, and many wonderful volunteers.The Grenada Chocolate Family, written by the children of the Grenada Community Library.All proceeds from the sale of The Grenada Chocolate Family support the continued operation of the library as a free public service.

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