The first ever cocoa pod to be harvested in Chelsea

First Cocoa Pod grown in Chelsea

Sir Hans Sloane would be dancing a gig… if he could see the first ever cocoa pod to be harvested in Chelsea in his very own garden!

Chantal has been working with the Chelsea Physic Garden and their Education Department for many years and has brought back quite a few fresh cocoa pods over the years from her Grococo farm in Grenada.

Chocolate is the bond: Hans Sloane the founder of the Chelsea Physic Garden, as well as the British Museum, and Natural History Museum was also rather keen on chocolate. He invented the first recipe for milk chocolate and collected many specimens of cocoa which can be seen in the Natural History Museum.

The green fingered gardeners have had huge success in propagating the cocoa seeds, and Lucy, who looks after the fully grown cocoa tree, has literally been burning the midnight oil hand pollinating the cocoa flowers. (until her sleepover in the glass house all other attempts had failed!). The birth of the pod is expected sometime soon, on last inspection it seems to be doing really well, but is much smaller than the ripe ones in Grenada. We are all holding our breath to see how big this baby will grow and if we can make the first ever bar of “Made in Chelsea” Chocolate. Watch this space!

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