Life on the Douro, Port & Chocolate

Zev Robinson’s documentary about the 300 year history of the Port producing region in Portugal, will be screened in four parts, with a different Quevedo Port and matching Rococo chocolate served during each part, at Gallery Different, 14 Percy Street, London W1T 1DR

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Life on the Douro comes as close as a film can in transmitting the wonders of its magnificent landscape of steep terraced vineyards and its complex and rich 300 years of history with direct ties to current wine production in Porto and the Douro valley. Interviews with many direct descendants of those who founded the region and newer producers that have helped revive it lend an oral history to Life on the Douro about its development and present situation, as well as an explanation about the nature and types of Port.

The Quevedo winery, featured in the documentary, will provide the Port, paired up with the very fine Rococo Chocolates Besides the four types of Port, each guest will get a small bag with a Rococo Chocolate bar and small 5cl bottle of Ruby or Rose Port wine take home with them.

The event is part of an exhibition of Robinson’s food paintings at Gallery Different and his artist residency at the Michelin starred restaurant Pied a Terre about which he has directed a documentary and which will premiere at a very special event on June 6. Details here –

Grenada Chocolate Company

Just as international trade has maintained Douro wine production, Rococo Chocolates sources its cocoa from the Grenada Chocolate Company and the The Grenada Organic Cocoa Farmers’ Cooperative, with the growers and chocolate makers being equally and well rewarded. In turn, young people are being attracted back onto the land and processing the organic cocoa on the island maximizes the value that can be put directly back into the Grenadian economy and is used to develop the infrastructure.

Sustainability is a vastly complex issue, and every purchase is a vote for one type of production or another. Besides getting Port and Chocolate worth more than the ticket price, part of the ticket goes to those smaller producers in Portugal and Grenada, and thus their respective rural communities and way of life.

Life on the Douro Printable Flyer [PDF}

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