Feel Good About Eating Chocolate in Lent

Absolution bar wrapper

A contemporary approach to Lent: instead of giving something up, you can now eat chocolate and do some good!

Chocolate has long been top of the list of things to give up for Lent, and now Rococo Chocolates has come up with a revolutionary idea: the Absolution bar. While buying your favourite bar you make a donation of £1.00 which goes to the The Lent Appeal 2017 in the Parish of St Paul’s Knightsbridge*. The bar will be given a special Absolution wrapper; the design is a collaboration with Mr Smith’s Letterpress.

Sackcloth and Ashes

The inspiration came following a challenge from the Rev Alan Gyle*, to Chantal Coady OBE, founder and owner of Rococo Chocolates, she explained:

“As a ‘good’ Convent girl, I was always encouraged to give up chocolate for Lent which I found a trial. I would have loved the opportunity to pay for my indulgences… now I can make up for lost time!”

*The Lent Appeal 2017 in the Parish of St Paul’s Knightsbridge is in support of an emerging link between one of London’s most privileged parishes and one of the world’s poorest – All Saints Namhavila in Mozambique. This new partnership is just the latest expression of a longstanding link between the Diocese of London and the Church in Angola and Mozambique.
St Paul’s Knightsbridge: registered charity No. 1134857

Lent starts on March 1st 2017

The traditional 40 day fast runs up to midnight on Easter Saturday April 12th.

Founded in 1998, ALMA, which means soul in Portuguese, has become part of the soul of all four partner dioceses. There are now 47 London parishes twinned with parishes in Angola (13), Lebombo (12) and Niassa (22).


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