Pancake Day with Chantal

Pancakes are not reserved for Shrove Tuesday in our house. When I was young, my mother would slave over the hot stove to make us pancakes every morning for breakfast. This was no mean feat as we were five hungry kids. My father believed they were the perfect balance of protein from the eggs, dairy from the milk and carbohydrate from the flour to prepare us for the day. They were usually made with a classic white flour pancake recipe, topped with lemon and sugar, and cooked on a proper Breton pancake pan.

In Brittany the recipe for savoury pancakes is made using buckwheat flour, which is a bit hard to find, even in London these days, though it does make a great batter.

These are at the centre of our Sunday Brunch tradition now. My husband (and Rococo Chairman) James is in charge of the cooking. We serve often them with Wensleysdale cheese and mango chutney. My daughter Millie loves hers with Talleggio and Truffle Honey from our friends at Vallebona. Now that is a very special treat…


James’ recipe for batter:

Serves 4

  • 4oz buckwheat flour
  • 2oz sieved plain white flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 12 fluid oz milk

Whisk all the ingredients together, making sure no lumps are left.  The consistency should be getting towards double cream.

Heat a frying pan (an Indian chapatti pan works best for me) on medium to high heat.  Use kitchen towel to lightly grease the hot surface.

Add small ladle of mixture and turn pan to give a thinly cover most of the pan.

After 30 seconds check to see if pancake is brown. Flip if it is.

When the edges start to curl, the second side of the pancake is done.

Re-grease the pan before each pancake.

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