Inlight Skincare and Grococo

For over ten years, we have been working very closely with the Grenada Chocolate Company at Rococo. When our founder Chantal was introduced to their chocolate it sparked a special friendship with the company and the island of Grenada, which has lead to her being appointed to their new Board of Directors.


In 2007, the relationship was solidified further when Rococo bought a 9 acre cocoa farm called Grococo, which would form part of the Grenada Organic Cocoa Grower’s Cooperative.   The cocoa harvested from the farms in the cooperative is sent to the Grenada Chocolate Company to be turned into delicious chocolate on the island. This keeps the money from the high value end product with the workers and farmers in Grenada and ensures a fair price for the cocoa. The chocolate is then shipped out in the form of Grenada Chocolate Company bars (available on the Rococo website) and bulk chocolate, which we use in our Rococo House Blend across our Artisan bars, wafers and Couture chocolates.

Grococo Pod


The chocolate from Grococo itself is also made into a Single Estate bar in Grenada. Only 2000 of these very special bars are made and they are only available at Rococo, our very own vintage from our own farm. They definitely get better with age too, so eat one now and save one to enjoy later.


Grococo cocoa has now made its way into something that’s been brewing on the Cornwall coast for a few years. Dr Mariano Spiezia, an Italian doctor, homeopath and herbalist, created Inlight Skincare to be the ultimate in organic artisan luxury skincare. Dr Spiezia developed each recipe for every product from a range of organic botanicals using his background in medicine along side his research into plant science. Dr Spiezia still leads the hands on process used to create every product in the Inlight range, made in small batches in Cornwall.

We’ve always known chocolate was good for you and your skin, cocoa is rich in antioxidants including Vitamin E and provides superb anti-ageing properties to fight the activity of free radicals on the skin, helping it to look supple and young. This is why when Inlight came to us for cocoa, it was a no brainer that Grococo would be a perfect match for their amazing Organic Chocolate Face Mask. The cocoa makes the mask great for brightening, deeply feeding and calming your skin and is of course good enough to eat.

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