The Grococo Bean Fermentary

Pod and Leaf Trading Co, a US cocoa broker and importer specialising in Caribbean cocoa, visited Grenada earlier this year and tweeted this picture they took of our Grococo beans fermenting.


Pod&Leaf Trading Co. ‏@Fedon888 Apr 23During last trip to #Grenada in Feb I noticed that you had a fermenting box at #Belmont..Very Cool!

via Twitter / Fedon888: During last trip to #Grenada ….


This is a very exciting picture for us as these are the beans that will go into this year’s limited edition single-estate Gru Grococo bar. Last year’s stock has sold out and we’re waiting for this year’s, though you may find one or two of last year’s bars in our shops if you visit.

The bars are made only once a year in a small batch, turned into chocolate only minutes away from our farm where the cocoa is grown. Produced in the Grenada Chocolate Company’s tiny solar-powered factory, the chocolate matures gently on its 8 week zero-carbon journey across the atlantic on a sailing cargo ship before making its way to our London shops and eagerly-waiting hands.

The cocoa beans from Grococo, our little cocoa farm, are delicately roasted to bring out the hints of tobacco and grass flavours that Grenada’s chocolate is known for, and the 66% bar we make with them is dark but sweet and fruity. We make only a small number, and it’s a special bar in more ways than one because 100% of the profits go back to the producers.

We can’t wait for the 2014 edition to arrive, and will post another update soon!

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