Delicious lollies from Ice Kitchen at Rococo

We’ve been celebrating Saturday’s summer solstice in the shops in the best possible way, with ice cream!

In particular we’ve been enjoying lollies from Ice Kitchen, now stocked in Rococo’s London shops.

Ice Kitchen’s lollies are handmade by Cesar Roden in East London. Cesar used to run our little Rococo Pod Ape van selling hot chocolate and mini bee bars at markets and food festivals until his aunt, artist Nadia Roden, lured him to New York to spend a summer helping her to make Lily Lollies to sell on the city’s High Line.

As nephew of our founder Chantal Coady and grandson of chef Claudia Roden, Cesar’s been surrounded by food his whole life and loved Lily Lolly’s fresh, small-batch way of making all-natural lollies and the endless possibilities for inventive seasonal flavours. Inspired by his summer in New York, Cesar decided to set up Ice Kitchen in London with Nadia’s help, and started by opened an ice cream cart on London’s South Bank.

These are, as you might expect, no ordinary lollies. Cesar uses fresh fruits seasonal fruits, herbs, spices nuts and chocolate to make ice cream and frozen yoghurt lollies as well as traditional fruit-based ones. The textures perfectly suit each flavour: Blueberry, yoghurt and honey is a creamy popsicle stuffed with real berries, while strawberries and cream combines swirls of ice cream with a pure strawberry ice in the same lolly. Others are dipped in chocolate or nuts, or striped in different flavours, an effect that Nadia likens to Rothko paintings.

The Ice Kitchen Lollies

Our London shops currently stock:

Raspberry and Lime

Blueberry, Honey and Yoghurt

Strawberries and Cream

Pedro Ximenez Sherry with Raisin

Strawberry and Pepper dipped in White Chocolate

Campari and Ruby Grapefruit

“The alcoholic lollies are basically cocktails on sticks,” says Sam, manager of our Moxon Street store in Marylebone. “They’re delicious. My favourite of the lollies we have is the Campari and Grapefruit. It’s so refreshing and sophisticated, with that bitter hit from the Campari then the zing of the grapefruit and a little buzz from the alcohol.”

So what’s next for the man dubbed Lord of the Lollies? Cesar has written the Ice Kitchen recipe book with Nadia, out on 3rd July, and  couple of days ago The Telegraph featured a number of recipes that you can try at home. If that feels like too much effort though, you can find The Ice Kitchen’s in COOK frozen food shops as well as in Rococo shops. Cesar and his team will be selling lollies from ice cream carts at the Real Food Market on the Southbank at weekends this summer, at various KERB food events or at your own private event on request.


Images: Ice Kitchen



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