Barry Johnson wins the European Cup, continental round of the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie

Since 1989, the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie, created by Gabriel Paillasson has become a landmark event in pastry art worldwide, federating the trade and revealing new talents and innovations. It is the only contest that is organised by professionals in the pastry trade for professionals in this trade.

Following an exciting and impassioned competition in Geneva on January 26th of this year, Barry Johnson – Rococo Chocolate – and Nicolas Belorgey – Cordon Bleu London – representing the United Kingdom, have won the European Cup, continental round to the world cup. They were tasked with creating two fruit desserts, nine identical desserts and a sugar and chocolate sculpture. Themed on The Lion King, the team produced their fruit desert based on the Lyceum Theatre where the musical is being performed. The plated desert is a visual image of The Circle of Life, the chocolate sculpture is of Simba, The Lion King and the sugar sculpture is a colourful depiction of Zazu.

The UK Pastry Team competing for the World Pastry Cup in Lyon Jan 2015 will consist as follows:

  • President / Team Coach – Martin Chiffers – International Consultant Patissier – Chocolatier | “CHIFFERS” Mitsukoshi Ginza Tokyo. Team Captain / Candidate
  • Chocolate: Barry Johnson – Principal Chocolatier Rococo Chocolates Ltd Candidate
  • Sugar: Javier Mercado – Pâtisserie Teaching Chef – Le Cordon Bleu London Candidate
  • Ice: Nicolas Belorgey -Pâtisserie Teaching Chef – Le Cordon Bleu London Candidate
  • Reserve: Andrew Blas – Executive Pastry Chef Café Royal Hotel

Martin CHIFFERS – President

I am confident that the selected team will work hard to represent the UK at the world’s most prestigious and recognised pastry competition Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2015 and I am looking forward to the amazing challenge ahead. Its great to have Javier Mercado back on the team and with Javier and Nicolas having already experienced this challenge together in 2013 it only adds to our strength. Barry Johnson will now assist in organising the team and training schedules over the next 10 months and with the support of Andrew Blas as a reserve candidate, who had already given an immense amount of support for Geneva, we are looking very strong contenders.

Barry JOHNSON – Captain and candidate chocolate:

I was thrilled to win the UK Pastry Open 2013 and then go on to Captain the UK team to first place at the European Cup 2014. There aren’t that many competitions where you get to represent your country in the culinary world. We have built a strong team over the last few years with Martin Chiffers as president and coaching us. I’m delighted to have Javier back on the team and with his and Nicolas’s experience and a lot of hard work ahead of us I feel confident we will do our country proud.

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