Award-Winning Rococo Passion Fruit & Rosemary Caramels in the Magnet Kitchen

Here at Rococo, we’re incredibly proud of all the awards our couture ganache range has achieved. One of our best sellers is the Passion Fruit & Rosemary Caramel Ganache, which won Gold at the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2013 and Silver at the International Chocolate Awards 2013.

Our principal chocolatier, Barry Johnson, and his team make these fresh each week in our London kitchens. They use only the freshest passion fruit and sprigs of rosemary grown in our herb garden at Rococo Towers. This ensures the runny caramel centre is packed with flavour. Best enjoyed in one bite! And we have to say, the smell that fills Rococo Towers when these are being made is divine.

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Magnet Kitchens to show you exactly how these amazing treats are created. Usually the whole process takes 2 days, but in the videos below Barry will take you through the whole thing in 15 minutes. He shows you every step of the process including decorating the moulds, tempering the chocolate and, of course, creating that incredible caramel filling.

Barry says “The acidity in the passion fruit cuts through the sweetness of the caramel and is enhanced by the herbal flavour of rosemary at the end”. Get to any of our London and Chester stores to try them now!

If the beautiful kitchen Barry used caught your eye, you can see the Magnet Integra Astral White here

Want to learn the basics on how to create these and other chocolatey treats at home? Barry also leads the ultimate masterclass in tempering chocolate and making truffles once a month in our Chocolate School based at our Belgravia store. Our Chocolate School also hosts tastings, parties and corporate events. For more information go to

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    I tried to look for the ingredients amounts but could’t find it… Is it possible to publish the correct ratio? Thank you very much!!

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