Why Rococo?

One question we get asked a lot is where the name Rococo Chocolates came from.

Chantal worked in the chocolate department of a large department store as a Saturday girl and found that the experience sucked all of the joy and wonder out of chocolate.

When she decided to set up her own chocolate shop she wanted to create a chocolate fantasy land, somewhere magical and gorgeous and over-the-top where people would love to come and explore. At Rococo, the experience of buying chocolate would be as wonderful as eating it.

Rococo decoration

Fresh out of art school, the word that stuck in her mind was Rococo, an enormously creative period in art characterised by the ornate and the whimsical, all playful curves, pastel colours and gold elegance. It was perfect for the romantic escapism she wanted to create.

Friends from art school helped her to decorate the shop with sugar-pink walls, cherubs flying across the ceiling and a chandelier made of sugar. Chantal’s hair at the time was bright pink (this was the punk era, after all), she played opera in the shop and staff were dressed in period clothing or the uniforms below, designed by Georgina Godley.

Georgina Godley uniforms

Things have toned down slightly over the years, but the word Rococo still resonates through everything we do, the sense of humour, the creativity, the romance, the level of detail and the love that we put into everything.

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