What’s it like to work at Rococo?

Today we bring you an insight into working at Rococo from Peter, who’s just joined our team in Chester. Peter writes:

It all started on 5th March 2012 when the Chester Rococo store opened and I met Annie (store manager) Lizzy and Rachael, who impressed me with their passion for their jobs. I was working at the Chester Grosvenor Hotel at the time and I took an interest in what was going on in the Rococo store.

My dream came true when exactly one month ago, I did start my own chocolate adventure learning about the chocolate. Before, chocolate for me was just white, milk or dark. Annie taught me the difference between Rococo chocolate and other chocolate and the difference between white, milk and dark from how cocoa grows to how chocolate bars and truffles are made.


I was working in the store on my days off from the Grosvenor Hotel while I served my notice. 8th July was a very happy day for me because I officially became a part of that passionate team. Day by day I learn more and more about the chocolate and what makes each one special, and I absolutely love my homework.

I’m learning about each fresh chocolate individually, about their look, texture and flavour. I’m starting to really appreciate luxury chocolates and can’t wait to learn more from Master chocolatier Barry. My favourite chocolate is the Anglesey sea salt caramel ganache – those who have tried it know why it’s such a favourite, and those who haven’t tried it should!


Follow us on Twitter @peterkubica @rococochester to learn with me about our chocolate.


A word from Annie

There is no such thing as a perfect person. I wouldn’t actually like to meet one! However there can be a perfect team when we bring together our combined strengths. I am very lucky to work with a small but brilliant team. Peter has bought luxury retail experience, enthusiasm, professionalism, a fantastic smile and in Chantal’s own words he is a bit of a twitter geek! Recently I have been tweeting almost daily but it does not come naturally to me. We are sharing our chocolate knowledge with Peter as he is sharing his Social Media skills with us – please follow our new recruit’s progress!

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