The Rococo ice cream bike comes out of storage!

Our Chester shop’s ice cream bike has been stored in the deepest darkest recesses of the Grosvenor Hotel over the Winter months. It was kept safe and warm in the plant room behind the wine cellar, which is one of the most impressive in the UK holding more than 1200 different bins.

bike maintenance

While this seemed like a good place to keep it, getting the bike back to the shop turned into a logistical feat  as it’s too large to fit through regular doors and too large for the service lift. In the end it made a quite a journey being pushed by a pair of the Grosvenor’s maintenance engineers the wrong way up a one way street around Chester’s notoriously difficult ring road!

It caused quite a stir, and of course we rewarded the engineers with ice cream. The bike is very popular, particularly on race days and has already been booked for a couple of weddings in the hotel.

Rococo chocolates ice cream bike

The bike is filled with ice cream from Snugbury’s, based near us in Cheshire. Snugbury’s make ice cream with the same love and commitment that we bring to chocolate, and our current flavours include ginger honey and real strawberry plus sorbets in mango and raspberry. Even better, you can get your ice cream topped with our jelly babies, homemade marshmallows or a Valrhona chocolate-covered orange stick.

Annie, our Chester manager, says:

My favourite ice-cream is new to us this year it is Sloe gin and Damson and is proving to be a big hit with our customers.  The overall favourite is the clotted cream vanilla which is so simple but so delicious. I guess it’s like our House truffle or the Jivara Ganache in that the quality of the ingredients really shine through.

Trip to Chester, anyone?

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