Rococo’s marshmallows are just made for sharing.  And who better to share with that your sweet Valentine.

These are not ordinary marshmallows, they are hand made in Rococo’s chocolate kitchen by Principal Chocolatier Barry Johnson and his team, using only the best ingredients including fruit puree, freeze dried fruit pieces and bourbon vanilla pods. Rococo has adapted the traditional French recipe and these are a truly delicious Rococo addition to our range.

The marshmallow game cube makes a perfect gift and includes raspberry, cherry and vanilla marshmallows.  They retail at £15.00 and will be available in the shops from 11th  January will also be available on-line from the 18th of January.


Note to editors

We don’t add pork or beef gelatine; this marshmallow is made with Isinglass (fish gelatine) and is suitable for Pescatarians.

via SWEET FOR MY SWEET | Gertsen PR.

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