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I’m sure you can imagine that we get many requests for charity donations. Many. After all, who wouldn’t want chocolate support for their event?

A few years ago we realised that we were spending a lot of time and effort providing very small amounts of help to a lot of charities, and that we’d be able to achieve much more by focusing on making larger contributions to just a few.

Here’s a bit more information about the organisations we support.


Build Africa

Build Africa works exclusively in rural areas of Uganda and Kenya. We combine learning and earning opportunities which offer children and their families long-term solutions to poverty.

We strongly believe in education and and creating opportunities, (rather than giving aid) as the best way of helping to reduce poverty in a sustainable way. Chantal is particularly passionate about the power of educating women to transform communities.


Treloars School

Treloars is a school for physically disabled children that challenges and nurtures students to help them lead the fullest and most fulfilling life possible. We’ve been involved with Treloars for a long time and have an enormous amount of respect for the help they give in empowering the children they work with.



Sense is a national charity that supports and campaigns for deafblind people, for whom other senses (including taste) are so important. We’ve worked with Sense for a number of years, which has included producing special edition chocolate bars that encourage people to guess the flavour by taste alone.


Kids Company

Every child deserves dignity, care and protection. Camila Batmanghelidjh has worked tirelessly to provide practical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable  children in inner London since 1996.

While we love our home city, it’s not a city without problems and there are many children here for whom growing up is immensely challenging or even dangerous, and Chantal is a firm supporter of this charity that gives much-needed help and hope to children when they need it most.


Africa Trust

The newest in our portfolio of selected charities, The Africa Trust also works to provide sustainable solutions to poverty, including working on clean water and sanitation with their unique Elephant Pump and Elephant Toilet, business skills training and work with ex child soldiers.


In addition, it’s not a charity project, but we’ve also invested this year’s marketing budget into building a bridge in Grenada.


We hope that gives you a better idea about what we do and what we care about. We don’t support charities that are linked in any way to animal testing, which does mean that much as we appreciate the good they do for humanity we don’t generally support medical charities. The list does change from time to time, but many of the charities we support are ones Chantal or James have been involved with for many years and feel strongly about.




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