Report from Mott’s funeral service on 9 June in New York.

The funeral took place yesterday of our dear friend, inspiration and chocolate colleague Mott Green (David Friedman) at the Jewish Memorial Chapel in New York.

We joined Mott’s family and over 200 people, from Grenada, London, Holland and all over the USA, to celebrate Mott’s life. The service brought together the disparate threads of his remarkable life, from the Jewish culture he was born into, to the atheist, anarchist and environmental activist that defined him.

The many touching appreciations, including a heartfelt tribute from Tillman Thomas (Prime Minister of Grenada 2008-2013) left no doubt that there is a strong will to ensure that his legacy, in the shape of the Grenada Chocolate Company and all it stood for, is nurtured and will continue for many years to come.

An extended obituary can be read in the New York Times both online and on A16 of today’s edition.

Chantal and James

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