Progress update on our bridge in Grenada

Grococo, the farm that we own with the Grenada Chocolate Company, is not the most accessible of places. At the moment the cocoa is transported over a river by foot using a series of large stepping stones. It’s time to do something about that, and to celebrate 30 years of Rococo Chocolates we have pledged to spend all of our marketing budget on building a road bridge from Belmont Estate to The Grococo farm.

Work is well underway, and Mott from GCC sent us these photos of the crossing and the bridge itself.


Mott says: We are welding together the steel frame of the bridge on the ground, almost finished with that. Next week a crane will put the whole structure in place over the river and then they cast the concrete walk-way.

Girders for the bridge

Here you can see the steel frame and the concrete footing of the bridge. We can’t wait to see it all in place!


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