Mott Green – a tribute

Mott 1

He was the most serious and committed person – very single minded in achieving his goals. As a young man he dropped out of university. I don’t really know why but I think it was maybe a problem with professional bourgeois life. I dropped out myself and it was for similar reasons. He then became very active in social activism and squatters actions in New York. He got involved in food reclamation and built the first solar electric car in the world and used it to distribute food around the squats in New York. He had a whole, intense life and he lived it so hard. But he found the New York winters too cold for him. He was a very active and very naturally thin person. He perhaps never quite ate enough. He had to find somewhere else to spend his winters. He really never did anything for himself and was always working. So he went looking for a winter activity and thought the West Indies seemed nice. He chose Grenada perhaps because it was less developed, less touristy. It was shortly after the American invasion, but before the hurricanes and initially there were rumours that he was some sort of CIA spook or relic of the invasion. He arrived and built a little hut in the jungle and made a little steam engine out of bamboo. He went walking around the island helping people acquire solar panels. Very soon the things he was doing in New York, he was doing on this tropical island.

See the rest of this great interview and amazing images at Mott Green – a tribute | Wild Culture.

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