Mott Green, 1966-2013


Mott on board the latest voyage of the Tres Hombres, bringing the second carbon free shipment of chocolate to the UK in May

Last night we received the desperately sad news from Grenada of the untimely death of David Friedman, who we always knew as Mott Green, founder of the Grenada Chocolate Company.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Mott’s family especially his mother Judith, brother Peter, and uncle and aunt Lennie and Gloria. Also to his Grenadian family notably business partner Edmond Brown, Miss Joyce, through whose hands every cocoa bean passes, and Shadel Nyack Compton at Belmont Estate without whose support and vision the whole project could never have prospered. And also to the brilliant crew at the factory and cocoa farms who will be relied on to ensure, with us, that Mott’s legacy is kept intact.

While the trinitario cocoa and chocolate produced by the Company was the winner of many accolades, few people can begin to understand the extraordinary challenges involved in making a fine chocolate on a Caribbean island (and this is chocolate which happily sits next to the very best that Europe produces) not least using antique machinery which you have converted to run on solar power.

This could only have been achieved with Mott’s extraordinary drive, determination and selflessness, and the chocolate notwithstanding, his greatest legacy will be the super-ethical model of organic chocolate production where the growers and producers are equally paid and where the normal terms of trade are reversed ensuring that it is possible to add all the value at source and bring maximum benefit to the local economy, in this case to the people of Grenada who Mott loved.

Mott’s dream of a truly sustainable tree-to-consumer organic chocolate came to fruition last year with the first shipment of 50,000 bars from Grenada to Europe on board the motor-less square-rigged sail freighter Tres Hombres, and just 2 weeks ago we were privileged to spend a few hours on board with Mott as the second annual shipment arrived at Portsmouth.

We will sorely miss a great friend and colleague.

Chantal Coady, James Booth, Rococo Chocolates

Sunday 2nd June 2013

An extended appreciation of Mott will appear here soon.


  • Reply June 5, 2013

    Ramin Ganeshram

    I interviewed Mott for a story some years ago and during our amazing conversation and others that followed, learned we grew up in the same place and went to the same high school. I can still hear his voice in my head. I don’t think i have EVER met anyone in all my years reporting about the food industry who I have admired as much as Mott Green. His loss is a bitter blow not just to the artisan chocolate industry, to the dream of sustainability, but to humanity itself. We were blessed to have is pure soul among us for a short time–a hundred years would not have been enough.

  • Reply June 5, 2013

    John Scharffenberger

    Mott showed the world how to make fantastic chocolate by employing keen intuition and the love of the place and people of his adopted home, Grenada.

  • Reply June 5, 2013

    V Burton

    Everyone at the World Land Trust is so saddened to hear of this tragedy. We enjoy working with Rococo and send our sympathies and thoughts to Chantal and James and those who were close to Mott.
    Vivien Burton
    Head of Communications

  • Reply June 6, 2013

    William Curley

    Condolence message from William & Suzue Curley:
    We at William Curley are all deeply saddened at the untimely death of Mott Green and send heart felt condolence to all of those at the Belmont Estate and his family. His work is truly inspirational and we hope that with support his work and legacy is continued.
    William, Suzue & The Curley Team

  • Reply June 6, 2013

    Simon Wright

    Only just heard the news, such a good guy, very sorry for you all

    Simon @ GO*DO

  • Reply June 10, 2013

    Ranjit Singh

    Chantal a very moving piece. As someone said earlier – Long live Mott’s legacy. Ranjit

  • Reply June 14, 2013


    I’m very sorry to hear about Mott’s death. I’ve been following the Grenada Chocolate company progress with great interest. He sounds like a remarkable man. I just hope he has influenced the future of chocolate production and will inspire others to follow his fabulous example.

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