Meet the people behind the Grenada Chocolate Company

Chantal writes:

We recently returned from Grenada, a trip that had been long overdue and one that was sadly precipitated by Mott Green’s sudden death. Although it was such a sad occasion, we were really happy to spend some time with Edmond Brown (Grenada Chocolate Company founder), Miss Joyce (pictured below) and all the amazing team at the Grenada Chocolate Company who are continuing the work that Mott started.

Miss Joyce, Chief cocoa bean quality controller & Production Supervisor
They are all so keen to keep this wonderful vision alive, and have been making the chocolate without Mott’s help for months at a time while he took his sailing trips on Tres Hombres and during his frequent short trips to the US and UK. Edmond (pictured below) and his team are very strong and capable, and are busy making chocolate to fill two containers, one for Europe and one for the States.

Edmond Brown, Founder of Grenada Chocolate Company, Chocolate Maker

I took the opportunity to take some photos of all the team & the farmers, and here they are, so you can get to know them a little.

We also spent time with William (in the next picture), who is the Farm Manager on our Grococo Farm. He loves working on the land with his team, and says that Grococo is the most productive cocoa farm: in December alone a tonne of wet cocoa was harvested and carried over the river to Belmont to be fermented.

William, cocoa farmer


The Mott Green Memorial bridge will be ready for this winter, the main growing season. The bridge to carry the cocoa across the river, which we’ve been funding from our marketing budget, has been in development for a long time and having it craned into position was almost the last thing Mott did before he died…


  • Reply July 18, 2013


    Thanks, Chantal and team, for doing your part to ensure that Mott’s legacy lives on.
    Kate & Uwe Baumann
    Almost Paradise Cottages & Restaurant

  • Reply July 19, 2013


    Fabulous to see the people behind the scenes and to be reassured that this fabulous chocolate is going to continue to be produced. I use it for my own products and really admire the work you’re doing over there.
    (Cocoa Vanilla)

  • Reply July 23, 2013

    Sharon Bernstein, Grenada Boar

    Such a lovely island, with such wonderful people. Mott saw this and his legacy should be continued. We thank Chantal and everyone at Rococo for their continued support.

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