Luxury chocolates for Father’s Day

Fathers Day

Fathers Day

Rococo Chocolates Offer World Class Chocolate and Real Gourmet Tastes

Rococo Chocolates have really upped the ante on the idea of gourmet chocolates with their striking range and breadth of delicious and often hand painted chocolates. For those Dads who appreciate quality produce with a straightforward taste, there is Rococo’s nougat produce which is soft and chewy or the artisan chocolate bars which come in exotic flavours including Arabic Spice and Cardoman. For sheer world class taste though, the Cat and Dog Ganache Box contains Valrhona single origin chocolates. The milk and dark chocolates cascade with an incredible range of taste from Irish coffee, marc de champagne through to sour jelly.

The rise of high street master chocolatiers has made it slightly easier to buy quality produce at affordable prices on occasions like Father’s Day.

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