Learn how to make chocolates from the master

Photo by Monica Alcazar-Duarte

Photo by Monica Alcazar-Duarte

Ever wondered how we make our figurines and fresh ganaches? Tried making Easter eggs only to have them stick to the mould, or wondered how we get that lovely smooth consistency in our truffles?

We were a bit worried that Barry Johnson, our head chocolatier, would be too busy polishing all the chocolate awards he’s won recently to teach more classes, but we’ve managed to convince him they’re shiny enough and he’s agreed to teach 2 chocolate masterclasses on Saturday 27th July. He’s taking just 4 students into each session, and you can book either separately or together.

Working with chocolate is as much a science as an art, and these sessions with Barry will put paid to all that confusion. You’ll leave with a head filled with information, confidence that you can make gorgeous things with chocolate and a goody bag containing your creations alongside a set of Rococo recipe cards and extra Valrhona chocolate to recreate your glory at home.
Rococo Blad0664 Tempering Chocolate, 10am – 1pm

This class teaches you about chocolate production, tasting and appreciating good chocolate and the essentials of working with chocolate. Tempering chocolate is something people find difficult to pick up at home, but you’ll learn first-hand from Barry and be able to ask him questions and troubleshoot your technique as you go, as well as getting tips for recreating the ideas at home. You’ll then learn how to make solid chocolate figurines and decorations with tempered chocolate, and of course you’ll get to take your creations home. At the end of the class, Barry will guide you through a personal tasting of our award-winning ganaches in our cafe.

Principal Chocolatier Barry Johnson

‘The Perfect Truffle’ 2.30-5.30pm

The natural progression from our tempering chocolate masterclass, this next step elaborates on how to make the perfect chocolate truffle. Barry will teach you the techniques that separate so-so chocolates from truly spectacular ones in a small group with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get his advice. You’ll learn how to create the perfect texture, about which ingredients work best and how to combine flavours, and put it all into practice making a selection of hand-made truffles.

At the end of the class Barry will guide you through some of our award-winning couture ganaches, including his own flavour combinations, and of course you’ll get to take home the chocolates you’ve made.

Both classes are suitable for beginners or more advanced chocolate makers, and are a rare opportunity to learn directly from one of London’s leading chocolatiers and grill him on his techniques. Booking is essential as each class size  is limited to 4 students.  For more information or to book, contact Julie on 020 7245 0993 or [email protected]

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