Flashback Friday: Chantal’s First Holy Communion

F H C chantal '67?This picture shows Chantal sitting in the front row (second from the left) at her First Holy Communion, a Catholic rite of passage. Taken in Dulwich, she was about 7 at the time.

Her modest cotton dress with a veil was quite typical at the time, though in some countries the ceremony, outfits and preparations are far more intricate. Chantal commented that this seems to be more normal here too now, with children spending hours on end preparing and wearing dresses that are very close to wedding dresses in style.

Preparations for her own First Holy Communion were quite simple: hours of learning the catechism and dressing up in her communion dress. Afterwards, the families and church community all had tea in the church hall, and the kids had ice cream and jelly, a far cry from today’s elaborate parties!


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