Flashback Friday: Chantal at 6 Weeks

As part of our 30th birthday celebrations, we held a pop-up exhibition in the space that will soon be our Moxon Street shop.

It held all sorts of treasures from Rococo’s past, including many of Chantal’s old photos, and once we’d seen them we couldn’t resist sharing some.

Chantal 6 weeks old

We’re starting right at the beginning, and Chantal is just 6 weeks old in this picture. At that age babies aren’t can’t do much, but apparently Chantal was constantly wriggling and attempting to move by herself. There’s a note on the back of this snapshot written by Sibyl, Chantal’s mother, who thought this early attempt to crawl was an early sign of determination.

It looks like she was right!

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    Cute picture Chantal. X

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