Chantal featured on The Gentleman Baker

The Gentleman Baker, cake lover, baker and blogger since 2011, featured Chantal this week in his Respected, revered and admired series. It takes in a wide range of food heroes from pâtissiers and bakers such as Eric Lanlard and Richard Bertinet to cooks including The Ledbury’s Brett Graham and the founders of food companies such as Henrietta Lovell of the Rare Tea Company, and Chantal was happy to answer his questions.

He says:

There are some wonderful chocolate shops in the UK, with an astonishing selection of beautiful chocolate treats and one of the very best is Rococo Chocolates.

Chantal Coady

One of the questions he asked Chantal was: what inspires you?

Roald Dahl & Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a huge part of my early dream. I love a good story! More recently its been Mott Green and the team of farmers and chocolate makers in Grenada.
Also, travel, culture, art & design, particularly Morocco for all the Moorish designs

Read the full interview and find out about Chantal’s proudest achievements and the one chocolate recipe she thinks everyone should master on The Gentleman Baker.


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