Warning: this may make you drool. We’re now serving affogato at Motcomb St

Affogato, not to be confused with avocado, is one of our favourite treats, lovely as dessert or a mid-afternoon pickup-me-up, and we’ve recently started serving them at Motcomb Street to take away or eat in the secret garden.

Traditionally it’s a simple scoop of vanilla gelato drowned (affogato means drowned) in a shot of espresso so that you get contrasting temperatures and textures before the whole thing blends together in a delicious gooey mess. If you don’t finish it too quickly, that is.

marococo garden 2008

Chantal is a long-standing fan of Odonno’s, who have been making traditional Italian gelato in South Kensington for almost 10 years, and it’s their vanilla gelato we use. ‘Life’s too short to eat bad ice cream’ says their slogan – these fine folk are clearly on our wavelength.

The coffee we use is a blend made just for us, and of course, we serve them with a little 65% Rococo dark chocolate disc.


And because we are, after all, a chocolate shop, we couldn’t resist making an affogato cioccolata made with our house blend of hot chocolate. It’s a thick, intense 75% cocoa drink made from our house blend of dark chocolate with a little added cocoa powder, nothing else.


Oh, and in case you think this all just looks too indulgent, Odonno’s gelato contains only 8% fat.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go brew some coffee…

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