A tribute to David Friedman by his mother, Judith

IMG_0650 (1)I am Mott Green’s mother Judith Friedman, at more joyful moments in our lives known as the chocolate maker’s maker. Now with broken heart and great sorrow, I write to all who loved and understood my son David as he was named and called before his years in Grenada.

David was truly a remarkable human being, full of love for our fragile earth and a passion to safeguard it for us. He loved people — his family, his friends around the world, and all the Grenadian people with whom he worked tirelessly to create the incredibly wonderful chocolate which has now become famous and among the best in the world.

David fulfilled a vision of creating a cocoa farming cooperative, helping to bring a dying agriculture to life and bringing to farmers the decent money for their beautiful organic beans they so richly deserve.

I write with great pride in all he achieved not only in my voice but in the voice of his loving father who passed away nine years ago. We were so awed and proud of all he achieved, facing at every turn almost insurmountable challenges.

Only a dedicated visionary would create a chocolate factory in the tropics, but my son did it with great intensity, great intelligence and love of the earth and all who inhabit it. I as all of you who loved him will always remember all his goodness.

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