A quick look at Rococo’s pop-up shop

Yesterday, 11th March, Rococo Chocolates turned 30 years old, and we’re holding a 2-day pop-up shop to celebrate.

The pop-up is at located 3 Moxon St off Marylebone High St in the shell of our new shop due to open in April. It’s open until 5pm today (12th March), so you’ve got a few hours to get there before it vanishes for good.

Outside the pop-up

Inside, celebrating our anniversary is a gallery of objects and papers from Chantal’s childhood as well as 30 years of Rococo.

Rococo salvage furniture

Before Rococo. Chantal was an art student, and rare salvage furniture pieces that Chantal collected by designers including Tom Dixon (chairs), Mark Brazier Jones (sword and sickle chair) and Nick Jones (table) are on display.


Photos taken by Sybil Coady in the 1950s

These pictures, taken by Chantal’s mother when they lived in Teheran in the 1950s, show some of the inspirations she used to create the Artisan bars in the picture below.


Andre Dubreuil shelves at the pop-up

These glass and metal shelves, Andre Dubreuil’s first pieces, display our original bar moulds alongside a unique set of Rococo tableware and some of our current Artisan bars.


Rococo pop-up display

Chantals’s accounts from the shop opening in 1983 sit on the top shelves of this cabinet of curiosities.


Our first Artisan Bar shop sign, hand-written by Chantal

Downstairs is a treasure trove of memories from including photos of the Kings Road shop from when it opened in 1983, newspaper articles, photos charting our involvement with the Grenada Chocolate Company and Chantal’s hand-drawn artwork and shop signs including the original Artisan Bar poster shown above. It’s a highly personal exhibition that includes childhood memories, letters from her whirlwind romance with James (now her husband and our MD), wedding photos and even an early letter to Santa.

We’re also offering 30% off Chantal’s new book, Rococo: Mastering the Art of Chocolate, at the pop-up. Hope to see you there!

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