A chocolate making visionary he was a single minded, bright eyed, humorous, energetic, crazy, environmentalist


When an associate of Mott phoned me a week ago on Saturday night to tell me the news of the accident I was standing on the hallway.  I found myself on my knees. My first thoughts were of his friends and family. I cried almost instantly, which is the first time in my life I have ever done so.  Over then next week I had so many people phone me.  Everyone was in tears, because the profound affect that Mott Green had wasn’t just on me, it was in everyone he came into contact with and for some strange reason, which I cannot explain, this gave me comfort.  When I ask myself honestly why I feel such deep loss it is for many reasons.  I didn’t know Mott long, but in the time I knew him I had as part of my reporting role got to know him very well.  I knew and understood his philosophy, his achievements, his hopes, dreams and plans for the future and by recognising both  Mott and Arjen Van De Veen and shared vision of a better way of living I suddenly felt able and confident to commit to my own convictions.  

See the rest of this inspired and moving tribute at www.Goddessonabudget.co.uk: The Life of a Chocolate Hero.

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