UK’s only carbon-neutral chocolate will soon be arriving by sailing ship

tres hombres

The environmental impact of growing, processing and transporting the chocolate is said to be minimal, but the retail price for the food billed to taste of fruit, tobacco and grass is eye-watering. A 85g bar of Gru Grococo will sell at an introductory price of £11.95, but if bought while still at sea will cost £60 for six bars – the equivalent of around £1.50 a mouthful.

“It may well be the most expensive chocolate in Britain,” says Chantal Coady of Rococo chocolate who will sell it online. “But we think it is the only truly carbon-neutral chocolate. People are not paying anywhere near the real environmental price for chocolate when they buy an ordinary bar. This is chocolate without an impact. Plus, for every bar we make, we are returning 60-70% of the retail price cost to the growers, compared to next to nothing with conventional chocolate. All the value added with this cocoa is in Grenada.”

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