This Is Life reviews our Orange, Earl Grey, Chilli & Salt Rococo Artisan Chocolate Bars

Orange & Geranium Organic Dark Chocolate Artisan Bar (70g) £4.50

My favourite dark chocolate is around 65-68%, not too bitter and not too sweet, and still has that attractive shiny and crisp dark chocolate quality to it. This chocolate has all the above, with a strong fragrance similar to roses. And then there are the  pieces of slightly chewy and sweet crystallised orange peel. Very unique!

Sea Salt Organic Milk Chocolate Artisan Bar (70g) £4.50

We absolutely love this chocolate bar. I always know that salt goes well with caramel dessert, as it enhances the flavour. But so far I haven’t tried this combination.

The milk chocolate they’ve used for this artisan bar has a distinct caramel flavour and the little bursts of sea salt that comes through in my mouth are a pleasant surprise, cutting through the strong sweetness of the caramel. I think it’s the sea salt that tempted me to keep going back for more, just so that I can experience another burst of saltiness.

Earl Grey Organic Dark Chocolate Artisan Bar (70g) £4.50

I like the subtle fragrance of the Earl Grey tea blended in the velvety smooth dark chocolate. Occasionally I’ll get a tiny piece of ground tea, although some bits can be a bit too gritty

Chilli Pepper Organic Dark Chocolate Artisan Bar (70g) £4.50

At first I didn’t really notice anything, just a lovely velvety smooth dark chocolate. Slowly I started to feel the chilli tingling the top of my mouth (I suppose it’s because I ‘grind’ the chocolate to the top of my mouth to make it melt faster, lol), then the tip of my tongue. The more chocolate I put in my mouth and let it melt, the stronger the kick.

many thanks to Angela for the detailed and complimentary work on writing all these at her This Is Life: Artisan Chocolate blog.

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