The very first bar of chocolate to arrive in the UK with a zero carbon footprint

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We are lurching towards the biggest cocoa crisis the developed world has known, largely caused by the generations of slavery and now subsistence farming in cocoa. The average age of a cocoa farmer is 73, as young men have no desire to do this work- and why would they? It’s badly paid, back-breaking work, and they would rather be in an air-conditioned office working on a computer. What can we do about this?

I am more than happy to report a light at the end of this very dark tunnel. In Grenada, the small south Caribbean island, famous for Ronald Reagan’s 1983 invasion, there is cocoa revolution taking hold in the north. The Grenada Chocolate Company has set up an Organic Cocoa Farmer’s Co-operative and is paying a price for the cocoa that makes it worth farming. Not only that, but the land is managed in a truly sustainable manner, creating healthy eco systems for the trees and wildlife, as well as nourishing the soil and protecting the land from erosion for generations to come.

As consumers we need to be aware of how we can help this process by supporting the farmers, helping them to add value to their crops and deal directly with us, not get sucked into the vagaries of the commodity markets. This is why Rococo and the Grenada Chocolate Company have created their joint venture GROCOCO…

As with special vintages of wines this chocolate is available en primeur if you buy before the bars reach the UK, at a special price. This offer will end on 21st May.

In Rococo shops they will retail at £11.95 a bar en primeur on the website £11.00, here, or 6 bars at £60.

Orders will be dispatched as soon as the chocolate arrives in London.

Normal P&P apply, or the bars can be collected in-store.

via Positive Luxury | A World Without Chocolate? | Positive Luxury.

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