The Grenada Chocolate Company tree-to-bar will soon be carbon-free from shore-to-shore


The Grenada Chocolate Company (tree-to-bar being the rare case they control the complete process from planting the cacao trees to wrapping the chocolate bars…), is about to extend it’s eco-friendly credentials by transporting the chocolate from shrore to shore.

Mott Green, founder of the company and passionate chocolate maker had a dream to transport his chocolate ‘carbon neutral’ from the tropics to markets in the US and Europe. By teaming up with the Dutch shipping company Fair Transport, which is sailing the world on wind energy, this dream is becoming reality as we speak, and we will NOW be documenting the FIRST EVER Fair Transport of chocolate…

Early March 5 tons of this world renown chocolate will sail away from Grenada to New York, London and Amsterdam on the trade wind-powered sailing vessel Brigantine Tres Hombres.

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