Temper and Make Your Own Rococo Chocolate (for 2 adults) – Eventbrite

Have you ever wanted to make and shape chocolates? Working with tempered chocolate allows you to do just that! Tempering is the secret to professional and beautiful chocolates, and you’ll have the chance to see our Chocolatier in action! After she tempers our Rococo chocolate, you’ll get a chance to play with it & make your own chocolate bar, animal-shaped figurines, or even recreate the famous Rococo wafers with your personal flair. Write in chocalligraphy on rice paper, and feel free to eat your words later! This perfect activity will let you exercise your chocolate creativity.

More chocolate? While you wait for your chocolate masterpieces to set, you’ll enjoy a tasting of our bars, award winning truffles and hear a bit of chocolate history.

via Temper and Make Your Own Rococo Chocolate (for 2 adults) – Eventbrite.

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