Something different for Easter: Donna Wilson and Rococo’s quirky eggs

food chain

“James from Rococo suggested the ““>Food Chain” series and I decided that it would be lovely to have a carrot within a rabbit within a fox!” she told Futurespace Magazine.

“The Owl and the Pussycat is my favourite design. It was inspired by the Owl and Pussycat, which feature on our round cushions, sailing away on their beautiful boat.”

This is a very new type of collaboration for Rococo, managing director James Booth told this publication. He said the chocolatiers have never worked so extensively with a designer such as Wilson before, with nearly all previous design ideas coming from in-house production.

Booth said the eggs are most likely to have appeal to kids (over the age of 25!) and anyone with a slightly quirky imagination.

And what sets this range apart from other eggs on the shelves?

“They are just so unique, off-the-wall, but very charming,” he said.

“Our chocolate painter has had to work very hard to reproduce the Donna Wilson vibe in 2D chocolate on a curved inner egg surface! We felt this year we wanted a break from our traditional painted chicks and leaping hare designs, and these eggs have livened everyone up.”

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