Rococo: The Brighter Side of Chocolate


As with all great, luxurious products, Rococo is always intent on using only the very best of ingredients. While lesser chocolatiers may settle for artificial flavours and additives, Rococo ensures that only natural and healthy ingredients go into their products, even going to the lengths of growing their very own chocolate.

Now, with a range of confectionary stretching from simple yet luxuriously smooth milk chocolate to seasonal ‘Christmas Pudding’ bars chocolate Christmas trees and everything in between, Rococo’s reputation for inventiveness is well deserved and, along with an unconventional way of viewing chocolate, have redefined the way chocolatiers operate, moving the industry from the austere, conservative gloom of the past into a bright, candyfloss pink future.

We suggest you follow the link below to read the entire piece.

via Rococo: The Brighter Side of Chocolate.

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