Rococo co-owns the land to grow their own chocolate that they call: Grococo.

Rococo chocolate comes from Grenada, and is a part of the Grenada Chocolate Company, which means it is fairly traded and ethical.

The taste is organic, and clean or pure. It is much more than fair-trade though, as Rococo makes sure the islanders who grew and harvested the chocolate fully enjoy it fully processed and share the financial and social benefits accruing to the producers.

In fact, Rococo co-owns the land to grow their own chocolate that they call: Grococo. [This is a 50/50% joint venture alongside the Grenada Chocolate Company.] Even more impressive is that Grococo is one of the founding farms that make up The Granada Organic Cocoa Farmers Cooperative. All of their organic products now include their Grococo beans, and soon there will be the very first Grand Cru Grococo bar. Chantal tells me that these particular chocolate bars are extra special, as the beans will be Grococo, and all the processing of this chocolate will be done on the ship. The bars will be limited and will soon make its debut in the Rococo shops.

Some of the flavour combinations of Rococo chocolates are unusual and you will not find these combinations anywhere else. One of Chantal’s favourite is the basil and lime bar. The notes of the basil come slowly as lime gently follows. Chantal describes her creativeness with chocolate like that of a parfumeur. She uses her nose, and then visualizes what will or will not work.

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Updated March 16: The land is part of a joint venture with GCC, we’ve notified the original source.

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