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Rococo Educational team would like to introduce you to our fun chocolate workshops for children aged 8-11, at the Motcomb St shop where chocolate is brought to life and they can enter the magical world of Rococo Chocolates. This workshop has been designed exclusively for schools.

We touch on key curriculum topics such as geography, maths, nutrition, art, science and history. Each class consists of approximately 12 children, plus one teacher. We go through the chocolate process from bean to bar, how chocolate is grown and farmed, show them cocoa nibs and cocoa butter and discuss the process of harvesting and creating chocolate, as well as the health benefits that good quality chocolate can have. We even make chocolate from scratch, where the children are able to add cocoa butter, nibs and sugar to a machine, and see the process for themselves! We also play ‘Guess the Flavour’ with three/four different artisan bars (depending on how good they are!), followed by the chance to design their own chocolate bar wrapper, with ribbons, glue and other materials. The classes finish with a hot chocolate and a tasting session with the chocolate that they made earlier.

The cost of the classes is £15.00 per child, including raw materials, a goody bag to take home, an organic milk chocolate bar (for their beautiful wrappers!) and the hot chocolate.

via Rococo Educational Chocolate Workshop for schools : Childrens Parties.

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