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Grenada Pepperpot

A sign of her influence is that two notable contemporary chocolatiers in Britain, Gerard Coleman of L’Artisan du Chocolat and Paul A. Young, worked for Rococo before launching their own individual careers. Coady has written about chocolate before, but this her new book Rococo is the most personal, charting the story of both Rococo the chocolate shop and Chantal’s love affair with chocolate. And what a fascinating story it is, from Coady’s ‘Jekyll and Hyde existence’ as a ‘posh’ squatter, a Valrhona epiphany which led to the founding of the Chocolate Society and the realisation that Rococo should make chocolate as well as sell it. The book also offers an insight into the amount of hard work which goes into setting up and sustaining a food retail business.

Just as Rococo’s chocolates both look good and taste good, so Rococo the book lives up to its appealing presentation, filled with delectable recipes and images and also offering thoughtful insights into the chocolate world from a woman who knows it well and who has done so much to communicate her love of chocolate.

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