Raising the Chocolate Bar we’re calling Gru Grococo

Grococo Beans

“Grococo” is the joint venture Cocoa Farm owned jointly by the Grenada Chocolate Company and Rococo Chocolates.

 Mott Green, one of the most respected chocolate makers in the world, started the co-operative Grenada Chocolate Company in 1999, which to this day makes some of the finest chocolate in the world in ever larger quantities. The extraordinary exertions behind this enterprise reflect Mott’s commitment to ethical and ecological values…. He fell in love with Grenada first, and then chocolate, and considered it iniquitous that the islanders who grew and harvested some of the best cocoa in the world were deprived either of enjoying it fully processed, or sharing the financial and social benefits accruing to the producers.

So he built a micro factory to process the chocolate, from bean to bar… the first world’s very first artisan chocolate producer making chocolate where the cocoa grows, adding value for the local economy… this turned out to be a mammoth undertaking, requiring the design and construction of many small scale industrial units…

The factory is also run on solar power, and has survived two hurricanes! The bars the factory produces are hugely popular in the island; both among locals and with tourists and sailors and what is left is exported to North America and Europe, where the brand has established a high reputation for excellence.

Mott’s eco-consciousness however has always fretted at the excessive carbon footprint required to ship the chocolate from Grenada. He has recently teamed up with a group of Dutch eco- entrepreneurs who have built a brigantine to sail cargo across the Atlantic. Next March/April the first consignment of 11 tons of Grenada chocolate will sail from the West Indies first to New York, and then to Portsmouth. Mott will be part of the crew, continuing the adventure!

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