PRESS RELEASE: Sweethearts for your Valentine

 The 2012 collection of hand-painted chocolate hearts from Rococo Chocolates is enough to melt anyone’s heart. There are many different sizes and beautiful designs, painted onto a thin layer of white chocolate and backed with dark, to choose from, and you can even have your sweetheart’s name painted on to make it really personal.

  • 8 baby hand-painted hearts in 7cm box – including NEW Bee and Rose designs, retails at £11.95
  • Size 1: solid hand-painted heart in 7cm box – in Polka Dot, Heart or NEW Bee Mine and Rose designs, retails at £9.50
  • Size 2: hand-painted hollow heart in 10cm box – NEW Tattoo and Lovebirds designs filled with 3 ganaches, retails at £22.50
  • Size 3:  hand-painted hollow heart – NEW circus-inspired Love design decorated with mini hearts and NEW ‘Name’ Tattoo heart. This heart will have LOVE written on it as standard, but can also be personalised with the name of your loved one (10 characters max.) Orders for personalised hearts must be placed by 23 January for delivery to shops one week before Valentines’s Day. These hearts are filled with 6 ganaches and retail at £32.00
  • Size 4: hand-painted heart with red Cupid design filled with 9 ganaches, retails at £45.00

The ganaches in the Rococo hearts are delicate square truffles based on the award-winning chocolates from Rococo’s “Prof du Choc”, made with Valrhona single origin chocolates. Flavours include rose raspberry & lychee, popping champagne, orange mango & passion fruit and jasmine tea.

Of course if you want to pop THE Question you could always sneak in a Diamond Ring!

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