Our Director tells Director magazine: “Our image is unashamedly luxurious”

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Clearly, the explosion in global wealth offers huge rewards for any UK firm keen to establish its HNW credentials. Yet, for some at least, the meshing of prestige with proletarian can pose challenges. "Our image is unashamedly luxurious," says James Booth, managing director of £3m- turnover Rococo Chocolates, "and we don’t want to do anything that would harm that."

While the award-winning firm is keen to expand into less traditional and more everyday markets, the dilution of its appeal among core buyers is a concern. "Along with our handmade chocolate hampers at £160, we also sell jelly beans at £3 a bag, but we tend to keep quiet about that because not everyone approves. We know that some wealthy consumers do not want to share their favourite brands with the rest of society and would be disappointed, for example, to see our chocolates sold in what they might see as less salubrious outlets."

via My business life | From private jet to easyJet.

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