Olympic Competition to Win a Box of our Union Jack Selection ends around lunchtime!

An eclectic array of Rococo's signature chocolates in a Union Jack Box. This selection includes traditional favourites such as rose creams and pink marc de champagne truffles and more adventurous flavours such as chilli truffles and orange, mango and passion fruit chocolates.  This box contains: Rose and violet creams in dark chocolate Dark chocolate-coated stem ginger Pink marc de champagne chocolate truffles Dark chilli chocolate truffles Almond marzipans Venus nipples (coffee ganache in white chocolate) Lemon praline ganache in milk chocolate Rose, raspberry and lychee ganache in dark chocolate Orange ganache with mango and passion fruit jelly in milk chocolate

The Olympic torch will be passing our shop on Kings Road today around 1pm. To celebrate to forthcoming games and to give our customers the chance of winning a large box of our Union Jack chocolates all we ask is you like us in Facebook and send us your guess for the time the torch passes us, around 1pm if that’s not giving it away!

In the event more than one guesses the same time you will each get the smaller size box of Union Jack chocolates. In any case we’ll be awarding medals for the runners up, made out of pure chocolate, naturally.

So please, either tweet your guess to @rococochocs, place a comment either on our blog or on Facebook. Good luck everyone!

UPDATE: If you live near the Kings Road shop (we’re at 321) please feel free to come in and register your time (before 1pm!) to the nearest minute. While you’re there feel free to try one of our new range of delicious ice creams. Also please note we can only accept one entry per customer to keep it fair, so we will accept the first entry if you submit more than one. Also in case you predict the seconds, we will round the time up or down so everyone is on an equal footing.

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    OK here is the torch time the torch actually passed in front of 321 Kings Road: 14:47 which means that the winner is… Annette MacKay. However, this was her second guess, and according to the rules we announced multiple guesses would be counted on their first guest, which in Annette’s case was 13:26. This means that Caroline Caro was the closest qualifying winner, followed with gold, silver and bronze awards to Jackie Walton, Sabrina Blue and Rainie Bish respectively. Please make yourselves known to Gavin at 321 Kings Road who will award your prize. We feel really bad for Annette, so we will give her a special prize too 🙂

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