News from the World of Chocolate: the first ever carbon-neutral trans-Atlantic chocolate delivery

This month sees the arrival in Portsmouth of the first ever carbon-neutral trans-Atlantic chocolate delivery. The pioneering voyage from Grenada via Portsmouth to Amsterdam, represents a collaboration between Mott Green, visionary founder of The Grenada Chocolate Company and Dutch shipping eco-entrepreneurs Fair Transport.

On 24 March 2012, Mott set sail aboard the Tres Hombre, a wind-powered 32-meter brigantine, carrying four tons (that’s 24,000 chocolate bars) of award-winning organic dark chocolate.

Limited Edition Gru Grococo bar.

Also on board is a special batch of Gru Grococo, the joint venture by The Grenada Chocolate Company and London-based chocolatiers Rococo. These limited edition bars are made from 66% Grenadian Trinitario that was harvested in February this year. (All profits will go to the producers.)

To ensure the entire chocolate shipment reaches its destination in perfect condition, a specially insulated cool room has been built on board, powered solely by wind and sun energy. Mott himself will be monitoring the cooling system throughout the trip.

All going well, plans are underway to maintain a green shipping route for chocolate shipments between the Caribbean, the Atlantic Islands, America and Europe.

via News from the World of Chocolate | The Chocolate Festival.

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