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Chantal Coady

In 1983 Chantal Coady (despite the ‘better’ judgement of others) made her dream of chocolate retail into a reality. In breaking with the traditional, stuffy nature of most luxury chocolatiers, Chantal’s vision was borne out in the deliciously fun and flirty Rococo, whose delectable creations range from exquisite to downright comical- who wouldn’t want a box of Venus nipples and lips for Valentine’s Day? What also sets Rococo apart is its commitment to the environment and the workers who produce its fairtrade chocolate. Their ‘Grococo’ plot supplies 100% of its harvest to the GCC, where they are made into fine chocolate, and is one of the founding farms that make up The Grenada Organic Cocoa Farmers’ Cooperative. We talked to Chantal about her business, family and why she appreciates the important things in life.

Read the whole interview at My Positive Life – Chantal Coady | Positive Luxury.

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