Mott’s Blog from Tres Hombres: Day 22

This chocolate delivery vessel I have been crossing the ocean on for the past 22 days is very fast. The only vessel I have sailed that is faster is my little 4 meter Hobie Cat on which I deliver chocolate from Grenada to Carriacou, a 20 mile journey I make in as little as 2 hrs in 15 knots of wind. That is even faster that this chocolate-delivery vessel, The Tres Hombres.

But, the Hobie only holds 90 bars of chocolate and is only really practical for one day journeys. The chocolate ship I am writing from now, The Tres Hombres, is now holding more than 24,000 chocolate bars and will next journey across the ocean to Europe, next year, hold twice as many. It is really fast, too. The past 24 hours we sailed about 170 miles, averaging over 7 knots. Going 8 and 9 knots at times.

via Mott’s Blog at Seas.

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