Mott’s Blog from Tres Hombres: Day 21

The Direction Chocolate is Taking

Above you can see the recent harvest from our Grococo joint venture in Grenada – from Bean to Bar to Fair Transport, all the way. Thanks to Caroline Lubbers for the images.

This beautiful ship, The Tres Hombres, is equipped with a gorgeous large compass in a nice, hand-crafted wooden box with a little door in the front. The compass box is right in front of the helm so the helms person, as he/she steers the boat sees and maintain our course, knows what direction we are goimg, or rather pointing. Inside the box there is the light bulb that illuminates the compass for nights and quite a bit of empty space as well, making it the ideal stash spot. It turns out, I realized today, that when people are steering they love to munch on a bit of Grenada Chocolate to give them the energy and inspiring taste to get them through their time at the wheel. This is ensured by stashing a piece of the Atlantic Ocean´s finest dark chocolate in the compass box.

   Today makes 21 days at sea! Moving along well tonight under an amazing sky of stars in a relatively gentle but quite pitching sea. time for me to steer now, 1am.

via Mott’s Blog at Sea.

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