Mott’s Blog at Sea Day 20 bringing Gru Grococo to us using Fair transport

Gru Grococo Wrapper: First Draft

Gru Grococo Wrapper: First Draft

This ship is full of very knowledgeable people. A wealth of talent on board, square rig seamanship, traditional rigging, sail-making, navigation, etc. But, it turns out no one apart from me knows much about electricity and how this ship works electrically, how all the renewable power sources and all the bits and pieces work together. On board, we have solar panels, wind generators and a tow-generator that makes power from the motion of the ship through the water, and a back-up diesel generator.

We have used this power to keep our precious chocolate cargo cool while in the tropics and, of course, to power all the other things on the ship like lights and most importantly the navigation equipment and computer. From the beginning of the journey from Grenada, I have taken it upon myself to monitor and fix the ship’s electric system for the safety of the chocolate and the ship in general as I am the only one onboard with such ability, ie I have become the unofficial ship’s electrician.

We sometimes have nice little lectures after lunch given usually by our charming and knowledgeable captain, about the history of sailing vessels for example and about how the wind propels us across the ocean. Today, I was the guest lecturer about how the ship’s electric system works and what to do if there are problems.

We brought many heads of cabbage from Grenada on the journey because it is the one "green" that lasts a pretty long time. However, after a week or so it became clear that many of them were going to spoil before we could eat them. So, Charlie had the great idea of making sauerkraut and knew how to do it. The bucket of it that he made has aged about 10 days now and we brought it up from the hold today and it tasted great and is very healthy for all of us!

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